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Going in pursuit of establishing an eminent
personal brand or business at times might
get perplexed. Fortunately, IGCEO PR provides
premier services with solid results to assist
you on the journey to making your brand a
household name. All while meeting the
highest expectations and presenting pleasant
experience and communication.

media links

Our team of experts will connect your brand and content with major influence having media outlets and will ensure that your name is heard in the rooms where it will sound the loudest.


Prudent communications

Strategically distributed content throughout influential sources to present your narrative to the masses and achieve the goal of being at the top.

CUSTOM tailored


Credibility, sincerity and trustworthy alliance

Integrity and honesty are core values of IGCEO PR. Everything is done to match your best interests.


Pick a brief, any test,
IGCEO PR does it best

Media & Press

Be Seen

Let us lever our internal databases to ensure your story is told and received in the best possible manner by the best possible outlets. Whether you need ongoing coverage, laser pointed features or someone to handle the heat. We have you covered both in the digital and print spaces.

Identity security and protection

Feel completely safetr.

We ensure full security of your and your brands identity and image. Making sure that your original thoughts, notions, projects, and visions are fraud-proof is a priority. Risk assessment, tactical solutions and deleterious content elimination are just a few things that IGCEO PR carries out to safeguard your data, identity, and overall online footprint.

Social Media & Influencers

Get your word out to public

Searching for comprehensive social media management? Allover media network assistance and advising? We are here to meet all your needs. Team of professionals will hold the reins on full guidance, content, tactics, promotions and elevation of your social media or brand. And the best thing? We will do all the work for you. Tedious negotiations for brand deals, influencer value auditing and sourcing - we got you.

Content Production

Lights, Camera, Curation.

From generating ideas for original, appealing and eye catching content to planning and execution on all platforms. We provide assistance not only on delivering your message through visual and written content, but also help to step on the gas to content monetization.

OT and Beyond

Coded With Love.

Custom programming, full stack development, websites, operational automation, communications, experiential technology. You name it, we can build, deploy and maintain it completely inhouse on a small or enterprise scale.